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Picture Restoration Scotland

Conservation and Restoration of Paintings
Prints and Picture Frames

We have been providing restoration and conservation services for 35 years.

Oil Paintings

Cleaning, varnish removal, re-lining, consolidation and repair of oil paintings on canvas, wood panel, composition board and metal.

Deciding what to do | Estimating the cost | Is it worth restoring?

Works on Paper

Watercolours, engravings, etchings, prints, drawings, etc.: Treatment of stains, foxing, surface damage, structural repairs of watercolours, drawings, pastels, engravings, lithographs and etchings. Museum board mounting, presentation and wash-lines. Works on paper are easily transported making distance no object. Restoring watercolours, prints, drawings

Picture Frames and Gilding

Restoration of frames in carved wood, compo and gesso. Manufacture of hand-made reproduction antique and contemporary frames in wood, compo, gesso, gilt and lacquer finishing. Water and oil gilding, distressing and ageing effects. Restoring picture frames

A portrait of a young woman, oil on canvas, artist unknown but thought to be after Joshua Reynolds. The half-cleaned painting demonstrates well the extent of accumulated surface dirt and discolouration of varnish layers, probably over a 200 year period.

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